Stop fulfilling expectations of others, because that is the only way you can commit suicide. You are not here to fulfill anybody´s expectations and nobody else is here to fulfill your expectations. Never become a victim of others´ expectations and don´t make anybody a victim of your expectations.

This is what I call individuality. Respect your own individuality and respect others´ individuality. Never interfere in anybody´s life and don´t allow anybody to interfere in your life. Only then one day you can grow into spirituality.

Otherwise, ninety-nine percent of people simply commit suicide. Their whole life is nothing but a slow suicide. Fulfilling this expectation, that expectation… some day it was the father, some day it was the mother, some day it was the wife, husband, then come children – they also expect. Then the society, the priest and the politician. All around everybody is expecting. And poor you there, just a poor human being – and the whole world expecting you to do this and that. And you can´t fulfill all of their expectations, because they are contradictory.

You have gone mad fulfilling everybody´s expectations. And you have not fulfilled anybody´s. Nobody is happy. You are lost, wasted, and nobody is happy. People who are not happy with themselves cannot be happy. Whatsoever you do, they will find ways to be unhappy with you, because they cannot be happy.

Happiness is an art that one has to learn. It has nothing to do with your doing or not doing. Instead of pleasing, learn the art of happiness.

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  1. Rare Earth WoodWorX 8 months ago

    The politics of life is fraught with spin doctors trying to convince of an alternate life other than a life that is community and value based. A divide and conquer mentality, The expectation that a bling filled and superficial existence will bring happiness and fulfillment, hinged on frenetic pursuits that are empty of substance, has but one outcome, that of burnout and an up-close view of the abyss where misery resides. Bleak, I know, but, it really doesn’t have to be this way. Expectations from others within reason as long as they are founded in substance and intelligence and presented as such can guide you to responsibility, but cannot define who you are or really meant to be. You can only be your true self, and nothing more. The only expectation one should have is to be treated with respect, regardless. The only expectation of your true self, is humility.

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