What is a Community: A group of people who identify with each other. The association could be based on any combination of geography, history, vision, purpose, philosophy, or common social, economic, or political interests.

People meet their needs for community in a wide variety of ways. We celebrate the work of other organizations who share our values who are promoting community in various forms. Our primary focus is serving intentional communities and on contributing the lessons learned from intentional community to the development of cooperative culture.

What is a Intentional Community: A group of people who live together or share common facilities and who regularly associate with each other on the basis of explicit common values.

Basically …. working with intentional communities, including cohousing, ecovillages, cooperative houses, communes and other shared living arrangements. We believe there is strength in this diversity.

What is …. Cooperative Culture: The sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs among people that are characterized by sharing, empathy, self-responsibility, understanding & celebration of differences, peaceful conflict resolution, high regard for connection and relationship, interdependence, and care for how things are done as much as what gets done.

Basically a co-operative culture as an essential foundation of a just & sustainable world.

Intentional communities are places where the transition to cooperative culture is often accelerated and deeply practiced.

This transition has powerful implications for the world at large. Seen especially in the realms of group dynamics, cooperative decision-making, health and well being, cooperative economics, & social sustainability,; but also in the experimentation & implementation of a wide range of sustainable technologies in community settings.

Intentional communities are places where we can observe directly & articulate the benefits of cooperative culture, and WITH COMMITMENT to playing a role in its development and promotion….


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